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Style: McCall Uinta 15 1/5" (16" tree)  Ranch Saddle QH bars

The Uinta is a 16" with QH bars is an all around Ranch Saddle.  This Uinta is smooth out with full padded seat, 1/2 basket tooling and 1/2 basket border , with stainless steel hardware, 3" Rawhide bells, and full D rigging

Price $1800.

Style: Cowboss Wade 16" QH  #1514, Like NEW

Very lightly used, traditional Cowboss Wade built on a Timberline tree,  half roughout  leather with inlaid seat. Has half Basket tooling, Jeremiah Watt hardware and conchoes and hobble ring,  4 1/2" Monel Stirrups with heel blocks.

Narrow comfortable seat !!


Style: McCall Pendleton Association 16" QH (16.5 tree) Like NEW

A traditional no nonsense lightly used Cowboy Pendleton Association #125. Heavier swell fork saddle with a deep, narrow feeling seat. 1/2 Carlitos Border on 1/2 rough out leather, 7/8 plate rigging w/ slotted rear, Straight Up Cantle with rawhide roll, brass hardware, mule hide horn wrap, lariat strap, 6 strings, Brass 5" Morans.  Breast collar.

Excellent for riding colts, or all day in the mountains. Rider maybe used 15 times, what a deal!.


Style:  USED McCall Lady Wade 15 1/2" finished seat QH bars  with Less Rock #034 (tree 16")

This lightly used McCall Lady Wade is a 16 " tree finishing about a 15 1/2 " with QH bars with less rock.  Is 1/2 rough out with 1/2 King basket tooling, small inlaid seat, Stainless Steel hardware , slotted conchos, hobble ring,  strings, 3" rawhide bells, mule hide horn wrap, and bucking rolls.  This saddle is in very good condition. 


Style:  USED McCall Lady Wade  

This lightly used McCall Lady Wade is a 14 3/4" (15" tree) with MQH bars.  It is just broke in, oiled, comfy and ready to use.  It is smooth out, with 1/2 Leaf border and 1/2 two line border tooling, Cheyenne Roll, brass hardware and conchos, and 3" Rawhide stirrups


Style:  Used McCall Pendleton Association

An awesome colt riding saddle. This lightly USED 16 1/4" Pendleton is a total smoothout with 1/2 basket tooling, 14" swell fork,  7/8 brass ring rigging, Cheyanne roll , Brass hardware, 6 saddle strings, a removeable rope strap and 4" Rawhide bells.

You can ride all day in this deep seated Pendleton


Style: Used McCall 98 Wade

This used 17" 98 Wade with MQH bars, has no tooling, Rawhide Cheyenne roll, horn cap and on front of saddle, Brass hardware, hobble ring, bucking rolls. This is a comfortable broke in saddle. 


Style:  USED McCall Lady Wade 16 1/4" finished seat QH bars

This lightly used McCall Lady Wade is a 16.5" tree finishing about a 16 1/4" with QH bars.  Is 1/2 rough out with full 2 Line Border and part Ence Oak tooling, Rawhide Cheyenne Roll and Horn rim, Brass hardware , strings and bucking rolls.  This saddle is in very good condition.  Great deal!  $2600.



 Style: McCall NW Wade

This used 17" NW Wade, QH bars,  is a smooth out saddle with 1/2 Carlos Border and 1/2 Two Line Border, has stainless steel hardware, straight up cantle, 4" half covered stirrups.  This saddle is in good shape, well oiled and ready to ride.


Style:  USED McCall Lady Wade  

This used McCall Lady Wade is broke in, oiled, comfy and ready to use.  It is 1/2 rough out, with 1/2 King Basket and part Fancy Pansy tooling,  inlaid seat, Cheyenne Roll, brass hardware, and 3" Aluminum stirrups.  




Style: McCall Uinta Ranch Saddle 

The Uinta is an all around Ranch Saddle.  This Uinta is smooothout, full Border Roll border , with stainless steel hardware, 2 1/2" Stainless Monels, and full D rigging


Style:  Cowboss Wade

This slightly used traditional Cowboss Wade built on a Timberline tree, is half roughout  leather  and has half Geo Metric carving, inlaid seat, Jeremiah Watt Rigging Hardware, Buckles, Dees, and Hobble Ring, Teardrop Horn Cap, Rawhide covered Nettles 3" bell Stirrups

Narrow comfortable seat !!


 Custom Ross Ellas Wade      SOLD

The owner of this fine saddle has made some lifestyle changes and has asked us to advertise it for sale. We originally sold this full carved Wade in 2008 and as the current picture illustrates it is hardly used and has been extremely well looked after.

The tree is a Rod Nikkel 16" seat, 6 1/2" gullet w/ 90 deg bars. It has an inlaid grain out leather seat, Harwood Brass hardware, and 4" Brass Moran Stirrups. This saddle new would run very near $6000

The saddle is located in Oregon. Please call us to inquire



McCall 98 Wade       SOLD

15 1/2" finished seat  MQH Bars

This McCall 98 Wade is in excellent condition. It was purchased new from our shop a few years ago, and has been mostly used for trail riding in the mountains and a little around the ranch. Plain rough out/smooth out combo with brass hardware, rawhide cheyenne roll and 4" rawhide covered bells.

It's just nicely broke in and ready for work or play. Used McCall's in this condition are hard to find so don't think about it too long. Includes a BC Breast Collar.